" Coffee Lovers Malaysia - Website "

Web Design, Branding, UI/UX

Coffee Lovers Malaysia website is to promote and attract coffee lovers to join "Coffee Lovers Malaysia Club". Website is also a more interactive and effective way to promote the club to the page visitors. It will leaves a good impression to visitors and engage them in your website. An interesting website with beautiful graphics and rich in informations will surely makes the members of the club visit the website again. Our goal in creating this website is to increase the number of members in the existing club and growing a larger community of coffee lovers.

Besides providing a brief introduction on the club and benefits of joining as a member, this website also provides information to the page visitors on types of coffee, and some illustrated steps on how to brew a delicious coffee to build up their interest in coffee and furthermore attract them to join “Coffee Lovers Malaysia”.

Coffee Lovers Malaysia Website [ Link ]

Coffee Making Process