" #OopsAirAsia"

LOVE GENERATOR CHALLENGE 2014 by Moving Walls - Winner - Aviation Category

Valentine's Day is that one day of the year where you can go all out on spoiling/pampering your loved ones. After all, there's nothing wrong with making your partner feel like one in a million. AirAsia gives you a helping hand by creating an affordable yet memorable gift that will leave you with masses of Brownie points by staying true to their slogan (Now Everyone Can Fly). Surprise your Valentine with "#OopsAirAsia" - the 1st interactive public confession campaign in Malaysia! What's better is you and your loved one gets to celebrate a surprising and unforgettable Valentines's Day with an AirAsia flight!


We want to give every couple a unique and tailor­made experience by showing off their love (declaring) in public with their name, photo, and love message on the giant Bukit Bintang billboard. With just few simple steps, #OopsAirAsia creates an emotional connection by amplifying “Love” between the consumer and the brand with the Oops Love Confession Billboard, inspiring a consumer Mega­Experience by displaying the content on the largest interactive LEDs in Bukit Bintang.

How we deliver moving experiences?

People in Bukit Bintang use their mobile phones and social media (Facebook) to interact with the board. The campaign is done with the idea of people customizing the experience by posting “Oops! (enter your creative caption here) @loversname #OopsAirAsia” on their Facebook. Example: “Oops! We have been together for 7 years... @Adeline #OopsAirAsia” Then, post the Facebook status on your profile and wait for your turn. The interactive billboard will catch the user data from Facebook status and an animation of you and your partner will be displayed on the giant billboard along with the user’s love message.

As a Valentine’s gift, AirAsia is giving out every couple a custom­designed Love Air Ticket with a 20% discount on any flight. This e­ticket will serve as a Valentines’ Day memento to remember this special event and share the happiness with their loved ones via social media.


This campaign gives us a more refreshing & wider perspective of people perceive love. With the idea/concept of "show the love, share the love', we've also created a Facebook page for this campaign, where their love messages will not only be projected on the giant digital billboard but shared on our customized Facebook page tab. This customized Facebook page tab will serve as an archive to store all the messages, photos & events of the event even if the event has ended. This allows other social media users to catch up on what they have missed in the event.