" Beautiful Heart, Beautiful World "

D&AD New Blood Entry, The Body Shop - Re-establish the beauty pioneers / 2014

"The Body Shop Grabs after Internal Beauty More than Superficial Beauty." Founded by Dame Anita Roddick in 1996, The Body Shop become synonymous bringing natural ingredient into cosmetics in the market in ethical way. The Body Shop is a brand based on high set of values. However, many of the consumers does not know about the values behind the brand. Therefore, the brand needs a mediation of their values, which is grabbing after Internal Beauty More than Superficial Beauty. So, what is beauty for you? Plato said that, “The beauty lies in the eye of beholder”; while Audrey Hepburn said that “The beauty of a woman is not in her face, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.”

Website link: http://www.imanchyi.com/thebodyshop
WIP blog: http://angelaongcfe.blogspot.com


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This website is to promote the 4 new products from The Body Shop and also to download the new app "Doovid" released from The Body Shop. It is a parallax scrolling website with photo montage nature background and animated gif doodle (promoting features from "Doovid").

Mobile App

With the rising of 15 second videos on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, introducing 'Doovid', the combination of the word doodle plus video. Doovid is a mobile app inspired from the photo edit app Meitu, allowing user to edit still photo with texts and filters, and also video edit app MeiPai, allowing user to add in filters and music for their 15 sec video. MeiTu : edit text and add in filters for still photos MeiPai: add in filter for 0.15s video Doovid: add in filter and edit your 0.15s video with animated doodle and texts Doovid allows The Body Shop fans to transform the original video into imaginary world with animated doodle. The user can also create their own animated doodle too using the provided pen tool. Once finished, they can share their videos with their friends.


Download "Doovid" now and transform the ordinary video into something fun with your imagination.

Beautiful Heart, Beautiful World.